AABB 2018

At the AABB 2018 meeting in Boston the Haemokinesis stand was very popular again this year. People were attracted by the Lamborghini Huracan in centre stage and then asked our representatives about the Lamborghini designed STARGEL10™ and STATUS1™ manual systems with the Satellite Reader. Visitors were impressed by STATUS1™ ability to perform a one minute gel card blood group and STARGEL10™ ability to do an Indirect Antiglobulin Test in 10 minutes with the security of a gel test, and safety provided by the Satellite Reader.




Haemokinesis acquired DAY Medical in October 2018 and attendees saw the System S the second generation of the DAY mate S fully automated second generation gel test analyser demonstrated. System S is able to provide a rapid blood group and screen result in 17 minutes. Using one of the 4 in-built centrifuges it loads the gel and antisera in-situ so there is no time wasted in physically moving cards around inside the analyser. Loading, incubation, centrifugation and reading with interpretation all occurs in the same centrifuge position allowing up to 200 tests per hour to be performed. Advanced facial technology security login is the first step to a user friendly GUI that is easy for staff to use.


We had continuing interest in GLIF - Group Legible Immunohaematology Format - our Australian made and designed rapid blood grouping card. It is promoted for pre-donation screening purposes and a number of sites world-wide are currently evaluating it.