January 2018 AABB Annual Meeting Highlights

January 2018 Haemokinesis at AABB Annual Meeting Highlights Conference held in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Haemokinesis attracted plenty of interest at the 2 day AABB Annual Meeting Highlights Conference held in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates over 26-27 January.  On the trade display Jim Manolios (CEO) and Vaughan Davies (Sales and Marketing Manager) exhibited glif – group legible immunohaematology format – and explained how it was superior to existing competitors in the Middle Eastern market.







A manual 10+1 system consisting of a Stargel10 and a Status1 centrifuge linked to an incubator and Satellite reader brought many delegates to the booth. The most common comment was amazement at a "O.M.G." – One Minute Gel test for ABO & RhD forward and reverse or ABD group checks. Delegates were also pleasantly surprised at how rapid the Stargel10 Antibody Screen was in shaving 15 minutes off the fastest time from competitors CAT based systems. To have a 10 minute Group and Antibody Screen makes this product very attractive.






Last but by no means least was display of the IgM monoclonal anti-Fya and anti-Fyb tube reagents. Delegates commented on how superior this reagent was compared to traditional half hour Coombs test polyclonal Duffy phenotyping methods.










If you are interested in learning more about the above products or any of our other products, please contact us at sales@haemokinesis.com