GLIF at Monash Uni Open Day!

GLIF was a huge success at this year's 2019 Monash University Open Day for prospective students. 


Our GLIF team consisted of Professor Gil Garnier, Research Officer Heather McLiesh and Doctor Whui Lyn Then, who introduced how the GLIF works and what it does to the visitors at the Engineering Department at Monash, Clayton. 


The GLIF is a self-interpreting ABO blood grouping test which, after a small pin prick, 50micro litres of blood and 1 minute of incubation time, the result appears in Alphanumeric legible form. Dr Then and Ms. McLiesh saw to hundreds of visitors and successfully tested all of them throughout the day, with a few people "testing the test" - these people knew their blood type already and wanted to check the test was working accurately, which to their delight, it did. The word must've spread across the University as a nurse even came by to have a look at the GLIF test!


There was a couple of people who were not so keen on the sight of blood, and unfortunately didn't realise this until they saw the blood physically and became dizzy. Fortunately it wasn't their blood being taken! 


The odd person who had O negative blood was advised of the unique qualities of their blood and the benefits of donating blood to the likes of the Red Cross. Each participant was able to receive a sticker with the words "OMG I'm [handwritten blood type here]" to show off around campus, and a computer was set up to collect blood types.


A very successful day for BioPRIA, Engineering faculty at Monash Uni and Haemokinesis with long lines of people waiting patiently to have their blood type tested on a cold Melbourne winters day.