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GLIF Blood Group

GLIF is ... Group Legible Immunohaematology Format

Glif is a paradigm shift in blood group serology requiring no external elements to perform a rapid, reliable and self-interpreting ABO.


Why is it revolutionary?

1. GLIF BG can perform ABO and other blood group antigens without water, power, laboratory facilities or trained blood bank specialists. GLIF BG can be used anywhere by anyone with basic healthcare training.
2. GLIF BG provides a result from a whole blood sample. GLIF BG incorporates a multi-layer patented application system allowing robust ‘in-field’ addition of whole blood.
3. GLIF BG takes less than two minutes to provide a rapid, reliable and self-indicating basic blood group screen.
4. GLIF BG is a self-interpreting grouping screen. GLIF BG tells the user the answer, no instruments necessary. Basic testing can be performed by one operator and passed to another. Transcription or time delay errors can be eliminated.
5. GLIF BG is inexpensive, making it ideal for pre-donor screening.

  • This product is intended for ABO blood type screening only and is not a test used for medical decision making or other regulated activities.