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Hospital Based Immunohaematology Analyser(s)

Haemokinesis™ has employed a multitiered approach to solving the workload demands of the modern blood bank. ECLIPSE flexibility allows you to create a bespoke ‘system’ for your laboratory needs. The ECLIPSE user interface system (INTERACT NOW™) is standardised across the entire family making training a breeze for multi-site/multi-system users. All ECLIPSE systems include STATUS1™ technology to facilitate emergency (STAT) testing. The ECLIPSE family includes:

  • ECLIPSE SA (Single Arm)
  • ECLIPSE DA (Dual Arm)
  • ECLIPSE HTS (Hi-throughput system)
  • Haemokinesis™ new proprietary STARGEL™10 Gel matrix and buffer mean superior speed, sensitivity and specificity
  • 5 minute incubation and 5 minute centrifugation offers high-throughput analysis without compromising quality
  • Unique Reagent Red Cell system for improved stability, reproduceability and sensitivity, incorporating ANTIBODY ASSIST™
  • Full range of Gel Cards available including multiple grouping clones, IgG and rare antigen tests, more to follow
  • Incorporating our proprietary STARGEL™10 AUTO Card Stacker technology enabling the loading of 32 STARGEL™10 AUTO cards at once
  • Overall dimensions: 140cm (L) x 79 cm (W) x 90 cm (D)
  • Weight: 145 Kg
  • Performance evaluation pending.