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Gemini AS (Antibody Screening only)

The Gemini family of instruments are specifically designed to meet the needs of Donor accredication laboratories.


Gel Card Analysis:

  • Haemokinesis™ proprietary STARGEL™ technology means superior sensitivity and specificity in a Pooled 2 Cell Screen
  • 5 minute incubation and 5 minute centrifugation for high-throughput analysis without compromising quality
  • Unique Reagent Red Cell system for improved sensitivity
  • Incorporating our proprietary STARGEL™ AUTO Card Stacker technology enabling the loading of 32  STARGEL™ AUTO cards as a unit


All Gemini instruments include:
• Proprietary clot detection and alert system
• Intuitive software designed for the Donor accreditation environment
• Onboard Reagents and Diluents
• Liquid Level Detection (LLD)
• Load-on-the-fly technology
• No external plumbing required
• No washing disposable tips


  • STARGELâ„¢ technology designed with the express purpose of processing donor pooled antibody screening
  • Throughput in excess of 400 samples/hour
  • Capacity for 480 samples
  • Capacity for 320 cards (1,920 tests)
  • Weight: Net weight: ~250 Kg,
  • Dimensions: Width 194 cm, Depth 79cm (100cm), Height 90cm
  • Power: 240V, 50-60Hz, with UPS backup
  • External plumbing not required
  • Service: Annual
  • This device is not available for distribution.
  • Performance evaluation pending.