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In a world first, Haemokinesis SATELLITE Reader/Workstation combines the functions of Reader, video PID, centrifuge and incubator management all in one compact/self-contained, easy to use system. Android tablet functionality and touch screen technology makes SATELLITE the easiest and most powerful immunohaematology Reader/Workstation available today.

  • Log in/out password security and user access levels
  • Positive ID and traceability
  • Proprietary algorithm result interpretation
  • Connectivity to centrifuge and incubator including real time progress display of centrifugation/incubation
  • Database backup and restore options
  • Automatic QC monitoring/checking and logging of instrument cycles including specifics of warnings and errors
  • Database management of partial use cards
  • High resolution imaging with high contrast viewing option replaces manual reading techniques
  • Interfaceable to LIS
  • Audit trail: to operator for test processing and result edits, record of all consumables used including expiry monitoring and record of pipetting process by video
  • Net weight: 1.9 Kg,
  • Dimensions: Width 36 cm, Depth 29cm, Height 24cm
  • Power: Switching Power Supply Input 100-240V AC 3-1A, 50-60Hz
  • Plumbing: External plumbing not required
  • Service: Annual
  • Compatibility: SATELLITE is compatible with the STATUS1 System and the STARGEL10 System.
  • Talk to your local representative for availability in your country.
  • This device is not for distribution in the United States.