Research and Development

At its core HaemokinesisÂŽ is a Research and Innovation driven company. New Science and how it can lead to better patient outcomes is our core value. In conjunction with Monash University BioPria, Haemokinesis has spent the last 10 years researching and developing a unique blend of new age technology to enhance Immunohaematology testing and Emergency Medicine. We list here all the papers, posters and ARC Linkage grants we have been involved with, if you want to know more or think we may be interested in your work feel free to contact us on [email protected]


List of Publications Biosensors

A]- Linked to Haemokinesis ARC LP Partnership

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B]- Independent studies

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  • Manderson, Clare; McLiesh, Heather; Manolios, Jim and Garnier, Gil, “Laser incubation for the rapid detection and typing of red cell alloantibodies in human blood samples”, Transfusion Medicine Reviews, (submitted) August 27th (2021).



  • 2020 Finalist for the Australian Engineering Excellence Award (AEEA),  Engineers Australia, Gil Garnier and Clare Manderson ” Fast- pre-transfusion blood testing with laser technology”
  • Manderson, Clare, Monash University 2020 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research by a Research Fellow.
  • Manderson, Clare, McLiesh, Heather, Tabor, Rico, and Garnier, Gil, ‘Pre-transfusion testing using laser incubation ‘, Blood 2019, Annual Sceintific Meeting, Oct 20-23 (2019), Perth, WA, Australia. Award and Prize for best presentation of the conference.
  • Michael Hertaeg (2019), Award and prize best presentation – Biotechnology Section, “Radial wicking in paper for bio-diagnostics”, CEPA conference, October 31st(2019), Monash University.