Hospital and Laboratory Solutions

Our products are designed to improve productivity and the quality of blood grouping laboratory diagnostics. The Haemokinesis® STATUS1®, STARGEL10® and DAYmate S systems provide the laboratory with unparalleled flexibility and results in clinically relevant timeframes.

No matter the size of the laboratory we have the right solution.

Medium-Large Laboratory Automation

Haemokinesis® delivers both semi and fully automated solutions for small to medium sized laboratories. The DAYmate S offers fully automated cardless Gel technology in one compact benchtop analyser, while the STATUS1® semi-automated benchtop Gel card system provides class leading 1 minute forward & reverse group for emergency transfusions. The Haemokinesis® STARGEL10® semi-automated benchtop Gel card system provides a 5 minute Gel card blood group & 10 minute Gel card Cross-match, Antibody Screen/Antibody ID with exceptional sensitivity and specificity.