QC HaemoK Check

Product Code: 75400-4 / 75060-1 / 75080-1


Whole Blood Tubes comparable with real patient samples for: ABO Forward Typing and Reverse Grouping/RhD and Phenotyping + Kell determination, Antibody investigation including antibody screening and antibody identification, Crossmatch Tests, DAT, D weak determination.



HaemoK Check 1-4 4x (4 mL Tube) 75400-4*
HaemoK Check 6 (Weak D antigen) 1x (4 mL Tube) 75060-1*
HaemoK Check 8  (IgG positive cell) 1x (4 mL Tube) 75080-1*

*Not available for distribution in some countries, check with your local distributor for availability. Not available for sale in Australia, Europe or USA.